Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Living naturally

In today's business we tend to still find time for the best for us. We get the best vehicles, search for the best jobs, go to the best schools etc. Who would knowingly settle for anything less than the best for ourselves. It seems ironic that in our day to day life we mentally set out for the best for us and our loved ones, yet we actually end up doing the most harmful things. It seems weird to me, yet we all get caught up in it at one time or another. Over the years of our lives we go back and forth on healthy verses easy. Healthy living seems at first to be fun and exciting, and then some where along the line we look back and in looking back it seems that where we came from was less stressful than we are currently. Why is that? The hustle and bustle of today's times is, I believe the answer. I was recently visiting an old farm that was used in the 1800's and then on into the early 1940's. What was intriguing about this farm was the the simpleness of it all. Large yard for the chickens to roam about, goats fenced in around the house to keep the grass down, milk cow stall, spring box at the creek side for refrigeration, the same creek for clothes washing, a large garden area for crop. What happened to that lifestyle, where is it at? Well one of the last things I noticed was a picture board of the different generations of the same family that lived there. The first several pictures showed the typical site that you might imagine from the 1800-early 1900 time period, rough but proud and healthy looking men and women, then there was the last picture. The word "last" is key to this statement. The picture was far different from the first several ones. The man had a suit and tie on, and there was only 1 child in the photo. WHAT happened? The city life seemed to have called him, and he answered the call at the expense of his family, and many families to come. How sad! What was the trade off, what was so much better? Nothing really, just a bunch of false advertising. Now he is stuck. He left his family to fend for itself and it drowned without the father teaching his boys how to be men. The mother still did what she could, but we all can relate to the fact that a mom is just not a dad, at least not in her natural function. She continued to do her best and raise her children but it just didn't, and still doesn't work! If we could only go back to the simple way and get out of the hustle and bustle of today's lifestyle things would be as they were, simple. Now, what do we do since that is not a reality on a large scale? We live as naturally as we can, pushing through, and doing what is really best for us. Educate ourselves. It seems so distant sometimes to achieve this, but it is not. We have at our hands the ability to choose "easy and convenient" or we can do what is right for ourselves and loved ones. With the internet at our fingertips we can learn as much or as little as we choose. We all have the time, and it pays off so well in the long run! Some things we have chosen, as a family, to do, is search for the best ways to raise our children amongst all that we are around. We have realized that "organic" labeling for example never existed in our grandparents time. It just was organic, there were communities working together to help each other out, so there was no need for one or two suppliers to supply the needs of a whole country. What a concept! Community living, and I don't mean living all together in one big house with a bunch of weird religious or orgy stuff going on, I mean true community, how it was way back. If a man had to go out of town for whatever reason, maybe to help a friend or relative in need on another state, several families in his local community took over running his farm, milking his cow, feeding animals etc., while he was away. What a weird and backwards concept to our present day minds. How many brain fryers, I mean T.V. shows are about that sorta stuff? None that I have heard about, we are so far removed from simple, healthy living that we have practically forgotten about it all together, and even get upset at bringing it up again. "why choose to live harder?" people might say. Point proven! It is way removed from everything we are taught daily. There are so many practical steps that we can take to make changes for ourselves. We are killing ourselves everyday by what we eat, how we think, what we put in our minds, what we wash with, how we brush our teeth, lights in our homes and offices, pollution we smell, what we teach our kids, how we prevent having more kids, things we smell etc. It is amzing how much influence we have on our peers if we really take the opportunity. We recently were doing some research for our company, www.harmonyacressoap.com , about teeth care and realized that of course toothpaste is terrible for us, and one of the main causes of all of today's teeth trouble. Apparently because of the first ingredient in most toothpaste's, glycerin, there is a coating put on our teeth that takes over 25 rinses to remove. While this may sound harmless, it is not. It prevents our teeth from naturally re-enamelizing them selves, which is what strengthens them. Instead we continue to use these products, then when needed (very often in most cases) we visit the dentist who then fills our mouths full of poison and sends us on our way to deal with some weird cancer that creaps up on us. What in the world? Anyway we were learning that the best way to clean teeth is with a natural lye-based soap, not glycerin soap. This allows your teeth to do their thing. Anyway once we found this out we told a few people and the word spread rapidly. It seems a little weird to brush with soap, but it works! Of course the industrial age has taken away our good soap and replaced it with whatever that stuff is that dries you out, and we are then left with having to rely on a dentist who has an education to pay for to make sure we become a regular customer. I do think, however, there is a need for doctor's and dentist, but I also believe that we are caught up in the result of a big lie that will be hard to correct. Natural products provide such great results that we did start a family run business selling to and educating the public on a better lifestyle! More to come! D.