Thursday, February 11, 2010


The apple tree didn't make it..
The smaller cedar trees didn't make it either.

The wind here yesterday was incredible! We had 60-75mph gust, the sustained wind was around 30mph all day! It was very interesting. We are cleaning up today, hopefully all that wind was blowing in spring!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~Lazy Days~

~Even Jewel has time to read~
~The hard life~

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


One of the daily chores that we have on the farm involves firewood. Wood heat is such a great way to heat! It keeps you warm while you are cutting up the tree, splitting the wood, stacking the wood, loading the wood and using the wood! How great is that! It also cleans up all the dead or unwanted trees in the woods! We love it! To an extent, it is free or at least very cheap!

Some of the other activities we do in the cold and dreary wintery days include reading! The kids love it, I, however, am starting to get used to it! It is nice to read while be kept warm with the wood heat!

We are also waiting for the spinach and lettuce to be ready to eat, the cold really slows it down, but keeping it covered helps a lot, more when the sun is out!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

More snowy days!

That's how that stuff gets in my boots!
Sky's future farm.

More snow is heading our way, this is our back yard!
We have had about 20" of snow this winter!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

This stuff really does matter!

I know that in the false ecomony we live in today, that many of us have been led to believe that economics is the basis on which we exsist as a country. If we take a short amount of time and look back at real historical events of the founding of America, we would be amazed at the findings! ( That being said, and hopefully researched by the reader, leads me to why I am writing about this controversial issue. Why does is matter if our food contains genetically modified organisms, or why does it matter if our meat is raised in confinement houses, or why does it matter if our food is ripened on the vine verses being ripened by gases? I believe that these links have more than enough information availiable for the person that is interested in what's best for themselves and their families. So why did I bring up the "economics" factor? It's simple, good stuff cost more! We all know that, right? Cars, houses, vacations, employees, etc... Sometime in the early 1900's, I believe, individuals with politcal control motives ( I know, sounds c-theory-ish) realized that since we were founded on moral convictions that originated from God's law, and practiced by God fearing, Jesus believing, Holy Spirit having initiators, that power would never be able to be had by smaller groups. The power would be in the hands of the people, again, who had moral convictions that originated from......(same as before). How do you control moral convictions? Well you can't, unless your God, and this War that we are in is still proof of that! Terrorism is an idea or lack of moral conviction, you can't fight it. So what did they do? Focus on the money, economics! That's the key. Depression, rewrite history using biased deceptions, you know leave out what you don't want everybody to know! Well a good job was done, and our school system flourished because parents had no choice but to go to work, cuz after all "the farm wadn't payin' tha bills!". With the school system flourishing, they had the answer; get them while they are young, teach them what we want to teach them! After they got most everyone to believe the whole economics thing, out of fear might I ad, they now had the perfect scenerio. "Now we can control the food!" Sounds like a horror movie, too bad it's all true! "He who controls the food, controls the world!" Well in case your still wondering what this is about, or if its true, research for yourselves, it's easy to find! In case your also wondering why this is of interst to me, well...... read this again!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spring is coming!

Last night as we were gathering around the dinner table to eat, I noticed that it was already 6 pm and it was still light outside! How exciting! The days are getting longer, which means spring is almost here! Apparently Cedar (in the pic to the right) is ready for both! Well our seedlings are doing very well and it is almost time to start some more.  The snow on the ground is slowly melting, and the rain is helping. There should definately be enough ground moisture to get the spring growng season off to a good start! Our new hotboxes have been filled with a great blend of hot manure (horse/sheep/goat/chicken) and some potting soil, and all topped of with some year old compost. We are letting the worms do their thing for a bit while we let the dirts combine and get ready to accept some early variety plantings! The spinach and lettuce in aother cvered bed is just about ready to start harvesting. I think that all of these slow winter days are going to be greatly missed by the middle of summer! I am very thankful to live in a plce that allows us to enjoy each season!

Jewel and Chino doing an art project

Uh, we are not sure what happened, but this is the birthday cake Treas. wanted to make! It was good, especially the "pour" on frosting! The cream would never thicken!?!

Matches create memories! She was very happy!

The boys being creative on their "big ol'" snowman!

Broccolli, it's going to be good!

Our seedling watchkeeper, it's warm in there.