Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who knows?

This is what the rest are up to..
I didn't let him complete the meal,
but he sure was proud!
Well, I have decided to title this blog "Who knows" for some reason. It's just what came to me. I think it has to do with the year ahead of us. Or, it could have to do with the goat-keifer smoothie I'm drinking at 10 pm. Not sure, but hopefully not the latter. Anyhow, this has been a very exciting year for the Emmons family. Our children are getting older, the businesses are growing and we have a very busy schedule ahead of us.  In between juggling school, and learning how to be a man, our oldest son, Keaton (13) has acquired the title "Farm Manager". His duties (which have been self-induced) include planning and preparing everything having to do with vegetables. This includes the CSA commitment and the 4 farmers markets we plan to attend this year.  He absolutely loves it, and is doing a very good job at it.  Skylar, our second oldest (12 in April) is the "Chicken Man". His duties include caring for all of the new meat/egg layer chicks. He is also in charge of the chickens that are currently laying eggs for us now. These jobs really bring out the best in our children, and it is encouraging them to think about what they want to do or be when they are older. Lots of ideas, believe me! The oldest girls are becoming little women and are turning out to be great older sisters and mom's-in-practice. Now, I say all that merely to brag. We are proud parents! As far as Harmony Acres Soap Co. goes; it is rapidly growing. We had our first big show this year. It was a 5 day show in Charlotte, and it went amazingly well! There were some great contacts made and we even made a profit after it was all said and done. Our next big event for the year is Merle Fest. We are super excited about this event, as it draws people from all over the country. If you get a chance, come out and visit, they are planning a great show this year. In June, we head back to Charlotte for 3 days for Taste of Charlotte in the city center. That should be a very exciting event as well! Sometime in October we are supposed to be in Atlanta for a 3 day festival, and another in Columbus (I think) around that same time. During all of this, we still have the Boone and Blowing Rock farmers market, as well as 2 new markets in Winston-Salem. This is going to be very exciting! Of course, we will still attend all of fall festvals, which we thoroughly enjoy and look forward to. The wholesale accounts that we have in the Boone, Valle Crucis and Banner Elk area have more than doubled in the last year, and it's already looking like it should do the same this year! Thanks to all of the awesome individuals at each of those stores that speak so highly of our products! It is very encouraging to hear all of the kind words! Farm life is going quite well here too. Our landlord just gave us access to the rest of the land here, which gives us another 40 acres or so, of very usable land. Needless to say, we are thrilled! To celebrate, we bought our first to steers and are taking the "mob grazing" approach. Already, after only 1 month, we are seeing amazing results in the grass, and the steers. A good friend of ours blessed us with some goats (you can take that however you want to...), really, it was a blessing. The diversity that goats, chickens and cows create, is priceless. We are milking one of the goats, and I know you won't believe me, but the milk taste like Jersey milk. I know, sounds like a fib, but you are welcome to come over and try it for yourself! The other great thing about goats, is they are very good at letting you know where the weak spots in your fencing are. Apparently, we had a lot than I thought. So far, it's under control...we'll see! Last on the list, but probably the most exciting and important, is that we are expecting baby #9 in August. Cory is doing amazing! She has taken a big interest in fitness during pregnancy. It's fun to see her so passionate about this. Wait, last time she was this passionate about something, I ended up being the "soap guy" (which I actually enjoy now). Hopefully, she keeps this one! Not sure if a bunch of pregnant women want a skinny, bearded guy teaching them how to be fit...?  There is sure to more exciting news to come, it just may be a while before we get to share it, who knows!