Thursday, September 13, 2012

Showering to the fullest...

Rule #1: Shower daily with Harmony Acres handcrafted soap. That pretty much sums it up...however, I will add some suggested techniques that you should apply to this rule.
Technique #1: Determine the time of day and/or activity following your shower.
Technique #2: Upon achieving technique #1, apply answer to soap choice. (and you should have several bars ready for this technique...)
Basically, that is it. I will offer suggestions to help you make the wisest soap choice. 
Suggestion #1: Lemongrass Summer Bar Soap - Excellent morning bar, or for those of you wishing to stop/reduce your caffeine intake (actually it only helps because lemongrass increases alertness, not because it relieves caffeine addiction!)
Suggestion # 2: Lavender Fine Bar Soap - This one is a great substitute for chronic "sleepy-time" tea drinkers. (and there is no fear of wetting the bed!) Lavender is extremely calming, great for nighty-night time.
Suggestion # 3: Sweet Almond Bar Soap - Are you wild and crazy? (in a good, fun way...)  If you are, I do not suggest this bar. However, if you wish to be wild and crazy, then this is the bar for you! Anytime citrus and sweet are combined, great things come. When I say great things, I mean like: wild and crazy things...for example: mowing the yard on Tuesday so it will be just the right height to mow on Friday, or grilling some fish right before your big sushi know, crazy stuff. 
Well, I am not sure what sushi and mowing have to do with Harmony Acres Soap, but that's what came out...hmm...I did just shower with the Patchouli Earth Bar Soap, so maybe it makes you sort of funky.
No matter which bar you choose, you are sure to be surprised.  Those thoughts that you may have had like "Isn't this just another soap company?" will soon fade and be forgotten once you get your hands on one of these bars. To prove that I am not biased, I will take off my Harmony Acres Soap Co. hat...ok, yep, they are still great bars, and, they last forever! Go Ahead, Get Smelly!

-Lead Soap Crafter-
  real stuff.  real good.