Wednesday, August 29, 2012

real stuff. real good.

I tend to forget how good I have it. Although I could go on for hours about how great my family and life in general is, I am specifically referring to the products that I use to cleanse my skin. For about 2 months now, I have had the privilege of some extra work to help with the growth of Harmony Acres, however with that privilege comes "hotel life".  Life in a hotel is very interesting to say the least, but what I would like to focus on is the vast difference between "hotel life" water, towels and food verses "home life" water, towels and food. The main difference (from my experience...) is the use of bleach. I was not aware that you can drink, eat (well maybe not eat, but it's part of my story...) and dry off with bleach. Actually that is misleading, but the point is that a lot of bleach is used! One would think that after drinking, eating and drying off with bleach for two months that he/she might be rather dried out, or lacking in moisture, but not me. I have been using our products (because that is just what I do, plus I get them at a discount...) and haven't skipped a beat (or dried out...)! Life on the road, in general,  can be very taxing on your body, but I have noticed that with the regular use of our ReNew Day Moisturizer, and Sweet Almond Lotion after each shower (with a bar of our soap of course!), that my skin doesn't just break off as I am sure that it would had I not used our products. You see, most people do not have to live in hotels to experience "hotel life" in the sense that I am speaking of because it is fairly normal/common to by and use the cheapest bar of soap, the cheapest or latest bottle of lotion and the most advertised face cra..., I mean cream. Lets take care of ourselves better! We only get one shot, and we might as well smell good while we are here, especially if you are around me! Oh, and speaking of smelling good, if you ever feel left out or like no one ever notices you; then you need to try our latest deodorant: Patchouli Earth. We call it a deodorant (because that's what it is...) but it is so much more than that. Personally, I have had people track me down from the other side of restaurants, I have had people walk by me and stop dead in their tracks and wonder what that amazing smell is and many other  great comments. It's no product for the shy, unless you want to go cold turkey with the whole shy thing.

So, in case you are wondering what the "Get Smelly-Daily Routine" is, here you go:
1. Shower with Harmony Acres Soap (or take a bath and enjoy the soap longer).
2. Dry off with a non-bleach (or bleach if you want to, doesn't matter with this routine...) towel.
3. Use q-tips in ears (did I say that? I must have not read the directions, but it sure feels good...)
4. Apply ReNew Day Moisturizer lightly to face.
5. Liberally apply _________ Body Lotion to whole body (works great for bald heads)
6. Spray 2 pumps of Patchouli Earth under arms and 2 over whole body (that's why the bottle says to "get under it")
7. Go about your day! (of coure you need to get dressed, and when you do spray another round of Patchouli Earth over your head again)

Depending on when you read this, you may want to try our routine out immediately... wait until you these products in hand before you do, or you will be greatly disappointed. Luckily for you, all of our products are 25% off right now! And, it's still free shipping for orders over $39... I can't believe this is really happening!!!

-Lead Soap Crafter-
  real stuff.  real good.