Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Addition!

Well we are proud to announce the arrival of our own, very first on the farm........eggplant! Yes, I know, you might have been expecting me to say something like...puppy, calf,colt or something of that sort, but no, just a simple eggplant. It has been a long, hard road for us, but I think we are finally getting the hang of this eggplant growing thing! We do also have the announcment of five little chicks, newly hatched yesterday. The momma is proud, and protective! Here are a few farm pics. for June:
Purple potato hashbrowns...too bad I tilled the rest in by accident!

First onion harvest for the season...

Some of the new egg layers...now I gotta fight the hawk!

Up and coming beans, beans and sweet corn...

And, Cory is doing very well also!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Farm Update 6/27/10

Rain, rain, rain! We finally received some much needed rain! The weather has been very hot, high 90's for the last 2 weeks, and all the rain that has been in the area has completely gone around us! So we are very thankful! Our tomato crop is doing very well and we have been harvesting tomatoes for about a week now, mainly cherry/roma types. We had hoped to offer some regular slicing varieties this week, however we will have to see what happens to the fruits due to the rain we just had. They tend to split with a heavy downpour after period without rain. The tomatoes that do split will still be great for canning! We have planted more corn and beans, probably the final planting for us this season, but soon we should have some fresh sweet corn! We also hope to continue offering potatoes, we'll have to see how muddy it is for this week. All of the new chicks, 100 layers and 200 broilers, have been moved out of the brooders and into their new homes. I think they really enjoy all the grass! Processing day for the next batch of chickens will be on July 6th, if all goes as planned, so if you would like to purchase chickens before they are frozen (same taste either way!-great!) please contact us so we can arrange a time for you to pick up at the farm. All other birds will be available on Tuesday's dropp-off, or at the Boone farmers market on Saturday, or the Blowing Rock market on Thursdays, and at the farm as well! Speaking of Blowing Rock, Keaton and Skylar, our two oldest boys, have been doing really well at the market with their lemonade business! People love it! They are very excited and sales are steadily increasing! Who knows what will come of this venture! Well, we are definitely in for an exciting summer and fall. The new baby is due in August, and Cory is doing very well!

New Potatoes - $2.00/lb (red & white, weather permitting, so if its raining a lot, don't get too excited! Accidentally tilled in the purple! oops...)
Onions - $1.50/lb (bulb type - purple, yellow, and white - all are very sweet in cooking!)
Pea Shoots - $3.00/bag (in air tight bags now for better keeping)
Cherry Tomatoes - $3.00/pint
Roma Tomatoes - $3.00/pint (limited availability)
Slicing Tomatoes - $2.00/lb
Yellow Squash - $1.50/lb
Acorn Squash - $1.50/lb (came in early!)
Loose Leaf Lettuce - $2.00/bag (Red Summer Crisp, and Romaine)
Romaine Head Lettuce - $2.00/head
Green Onions - $2.50/bunch
Pastured Chicken - $3.00/lb (pre-order, ready July 6th)
Beets - $3.00/bunch
We still have about 3 turkeys available for pre-order (name on a list), so if you're interested, let us know soon!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fresh Squeezed Air Hockey?

On Thursday afternoons we go to Blowing Rock, NC. to participate in their Farmers Market. About 3 weeks ago Keaton and Sky asked if they could start making lemonade at the market as well, so we got permission and the boys bought some equipment and supplies and began practicing (whichwas really great for me, being the taste tester!). Anyway, this Thursday was their debut, and they did awesome! After and hour of squeezing lemons and making customers very happy as they walked off with their cup topped with a sprig of chocolate mint, (I said the only criteria is that they do something unique, which they have definitely accomplished) they ran out of lemons! A good friend drove Keaton to the store, and within 10 minutes they were back in business! The were a hit! As for the air hockey, we are having a blast!

Our stands at the Blowing Rock Farmers Market...

Keaton and Sky did awesome on their first lemonade squeezing day! The were a hit and sold out in 1 hour. They are very excited about this venture, as well as all the happy customers!

Air hockey fun!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Farm Photos for June

Hoop house toamtoes...

Freshly pruned tomatoes...

This is the best summer lettuce, still sweet with all the heat we are having!
Yummy raspberries...

Jewel helping Daddy feed the turkeys...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello! We had a great week here at the farm! After a week of the stomach bug, and tons of rain 2 weeks ago, we have pretty much fully recovered and the gardens are back in order. In fact we found some produce out there so we have some available for you! This time of the year is very exciting when it comes to crops, speaking specifically of tomatoes and corn. We have all had are first tomato of the year, and it was GOOD! The corn is starting to form ears and the potatoes are about ready to start digging! The squash is doing amazing and the weeds are under control! Life is good! We hope to have some more turkeys ordered soon as well, and we are very anxious to try the turkeys we currently have, soon! The farm has changed a little this past week, well, it actually got a little smaller so to speak. All of the animals, such as the goat, sheep, and horses are now happily in somebody else's pasture getting all the attention they need and deserve. It was a little sad, but it went well, and we plan on using the area where they were for turkeys and fruit trees! This is like a dream for us, we love it! The drop off for this week will be the same place, same time. Here is a list of what we have available for 6-15:
Green Beans - $2.00/lb. (Provider, bush bean, string less and yummy!)
Red Potomac New Potatoes - $2.00/lb.
Kenebec White New Potatoes - $2.00/lb
Lettuce - $2/Head
Squash - $1.50/lb. (Yellow Zephyr, Sunburst Patty Pan, Yellow/Green Zucchini)
Cucumbers - $1.50/lb (Slicing, Pickling)
Purslane - $3.00/bag
Pea Shoots - $3.00/bag
White Onions - $1.00/bulb (full size)
Green Onions - $3.00
Turnips - $1.50/lb.

All CSA boxes should have some beets, Swiss chard, herbs, sunflowers as well as what is listed above! Our next batch of chickens will be processed sometime around June 28th or July 5th. We might have a few turkeys around that time or very shortly afterwards. These are gong to go fast, so please let us know if you would like to reserve yours now (no money) so we can put your name on the "I want a chicken because its so good and maybe even a turkey!" list. Thanks for your patience as I stutter through this and have a good week! Dale & Cory