Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feb. 6 Update

Another cold and rainy week! However the sun has found it's way out today, and things were pretty nice and warm! It seems as if all we think about this time of the year is planting, and what we can add to improve our farm. We do have plenty of eggs now, and the spinach is still going strong as well as the turnips. We should be able to make a drop-off in town this Monday, so if anybody is interested, let us know as soon as you read this! Our plans for the rest of the week are to hopefully make a trip to Kentucky/Tennessee, however we will have some friends taking care of the farm, so pick-up at the farm might be available as well. The latest news here is our first order of bees! We won't see them until April, but it's another exciting event, and we are looking forward to some good honey again! It is definitely a fun time, sort of like right before the big game....speaking of which...guess I should wrap this up and get over to our friends to watch!

Eggs - $3.50/dz.
Spinach - $6.00/lb. (sweet)
Turnips - Free! (excellent raw or sauteed!)

And a few more CSA memberships available!

Sorry about the quality, we wiped off the fingerprints on the lense after the pics.!