Monday, November 30, 2009

What am I doing?

Well I am pretty new at this blog thing, guess I am sorta outta date! Everyone tells me "you need a blog man!" I am not so sure! So my newest thing involves Wal-Mart. What do we do about them? It may not seem like that big of a deal to anyone else, but it REALLY is starting to disturb me! When we lived in South Carolina, I remember watching the new Super Wal-Mart being built next to our home in Monks Corner. I also remember joking with my friends about how odd it was that their new colors so closely resembled the United Nations colors. I realized soon afterward that several of those friends quit going to Wal-Mart, at least for a time. Well that feeling has come back, very strongly this time. I have always known how bad the UN is, and it's only speculation that Wal-Mart is involved with them, ( a very good one, but still speculation). Anyway, all this to say that, regardless of their position with the UN, as a small business owners, we really feel the pressure they have on the community. They are huge and yes they do have "great deals" but they are cheating their suppliers and getting away with it because everyone wants to buy cheap. Well I just wanted to say I am done with them and am willing to buy local even if it cost a little more. This "one stop shop" mentality is no different than the "new world order", "one currency" talk that has been going on for decades! Anyway, just wanted to share that, have a nice evening! Oh and I know we need things, and God IS in control, believe me I know that!, but we can still choose who we support with his money! Shop elsewhere! How is everybody?

Here is a good doc. if you have the interest. Also a good place for other docs. like Food Inc. and its FREE! Wait, maybe I should pay top dollar for it, should I research as well???? Maybe they are a giant too....Nah, have fun!

"For, In the present state of America, our welfare and prosperity depend upon the cultivation of our lands and the produce of them to the best advantage"
-George Washington- (1788)

Now I certainly do not agree with all of GW' views and I know where my citizenship is, but we do not need to live stupid! Spread the word, let your voice be heard! Shout it on the rooftops and stuff like that! yeah!! Wow, sounds like a pep rally or something, or something. Later, D.
Later, Dale