Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Blog...

Things change...and so do blogs! 

Smelly Times 9
It has been in the works for a while, but it is finally ready! We now have a new blog dedicated to sharing more of our heart with all of you! The hope for this blog is to give a little glimpse of our true passion (our family) and how we coincide this with the realities of running a business while raising a large family. It is possible that some of you may disagree with strategies or issues discussed and all I can say is (as Mr. Bean put it so well...) "Hmmmph." I truly hope to share ideas and hope for young families, the ideas and hope that were shared with us when we first started. Our heart is to make a positive impact on those around us with our family and our products. Enjoy reading, leave comments and pass it on! Oh yeah...go ahead, live life and get smelly!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kickstarter Project Update!

Jewel RiverKickstarter Project Update - Only 22 Days Left! -

   Well our Kickstarter Project has been live for 8 days now! Hopefully, most of you have had the chance to see the project by now (if not, click here!) Some of you may still have some questions like..."Why are they doing this project, aren't they killin' it and rolling in the dough?" or "What the heck is Kickstarter?" or maybe "Why do they need my money?" , and you might even be thinking..."Well, they'll get close enough and that will be better than nothing!"

     1. While we are having fun, and we have grown tremendously in the last six years...we are definitely not "killin' it", and the only thing we are rolling in is water because it has rained so much here in North Carolina!
     2. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform full of creative, ambitious and innovative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others (people like you!)
     3. We need your money to help speed up the process of getting our ideas out of our heads and into your hands! Self-funding a small business is a slow, tedious process that could use a little kick-start in the pants!
     4. Each project that is allowed (very difficult to even be accepted as a project...) on Kickstarter is "all-or-nothing". This means that if the funding goal listed within each project is not met, then none of the backer pledges will reach the project creator. This also means a lot of sweaty days for the creator! (...we make great soap, so it's ok)

   Hopefully this clarifies any questions you may have had concerning our project. We really do need a little help from each of you! One of our Facebook customers stated that each of our 840+ likers would give about $12, we would be in the green! It doesn't take a lot to make a huge difference in Harmony Acres Soap Co.!

A little Family Time...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"So...What do you do for a living?"

     I am sure everyone has heard this question. It's one of the most common "icebreaking-get-to-know-someone" question there is. Most people do not even have to think about the answer. That's cool. However, some of us get to have a little fun with that question. For example:   

 Let's say it's Monday, during normal business hours, and somebody asks me that question. During this season of my life I would say "I install security systems for the government." I like to say it like that because it sort of makes you sound like James Bond or something better than what you really do...which is work in dirty warehouses and breathe forklift tire-rubber! 

     Now, if you were to ask me after business hours, like if we were to have a chat at the Starbucks, I would tell you "I am a graphic designer for a natural skin care company." That sounds cool too, and most of the time that part of my job description is fun and the outcome is very rewarding! Now, if by chance we lived in the same neighborhood down here in Florida (my second home...that sounds cool too!), we might bump into each other on a run in the evening, and it would seem that I was just another local runner trying to lose some weight (those of you that know me should be laughing...) and our conversation might lead to the above question, in which I would respond by saying "Well, I oversee all marketing for Harmony Acres Soap Co. in North Carolina." 

     This is fun (is this bragging?)! Anyhow, you may run into me at the Flying J truck stop in St. George South Carolina. That is where I stop most of the time on my 8 hour work commute from North Carolina to Florida (that is my long commute, it's only twice a week...).

     There is the slight possibility that we would cross paths in Boone, North Carolina at the Watauga County Farmers Market on any given Saturday, May-November (quick commercial...) and it would be apparent that I am playing the role (and absolutely loving it!) of a salesman for Harmony Acres Soap Co.. Of course, you would also see most of, if not all of my family there as well, so you strike up conversations with them and get a whole new listing of job titles for each of them! How fun!

     It probably goes unsaid, but it would be completely and totally impossible to fulfill any of these roles without my amazing wife! She plays many more roles than I do, but her number one role is keeping me straight and being a mom/teacher of nine and making soap and delivering packages and being beautiful and ... I could really go on and on. If you are a woman reading this, I am not intending to make you feel bad or jealous, but there can only be one "The Best" so being next up to "The Best" is still open for discussion.

   Of course, each one of my children, all the way down to at least Glory, play a very important part in this hat wearing extravaganza.

Did you know that Skylar can make you a Lemonade (and not just any Lemonade, but one that deserves a capital "L") and carry on a full conversation with you? That is incredible! Keaton has been about 28 since he was born, and although he has a lot of help around the house while I am gone, a good leader is necessary, and that he is! The only reason Cory is able to be super-woman is because Treasure and Journey are right there to fill in the blanks while soap is being made! Amazing! They play a huge part in school having it's part in the day. Wow! 

     Fischer is our next "first-born". And we all know that there is something special about the role of a first-born. He plays that very well. Cedar just gets things done. Doesn't matter what it is, he just does it. Did you know that a 4 year old can do sheet-rock? It's true, Jewel actually helped quite a bit with the Smelly Shop addition. I have pics to prove it! 

     Well, enough about us. We would love to here what hats you wear! (now I am wearing the "interviewer" hat...:) Feel free to post any encouraging story you might have relating to the question "So...what do you do for a living?"

Monday, August 26, 2013

Be a part of the smelliness! We have launched our "much-anticipated" Kickstarter Project, and it is now live! Please feel free ( we are begging you!) to share this with as many people as you know! 

We will be sending out updates through our newsletter, so if you have not signed up to receive our newsletter: 

Thank you for all of your support as we grow! More to come!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Soap-Makers Choice Sale

- FREE Lip Balm! -

Have you ever heard of a "blue moon"? Well, there must be one out because deals like this only happen during that very special event! Most of you "smellies" out there already have your favorite soaps picked out, and your not up for changing since you have found your "perfect" bar! Well, we are going to bribe you into trying some of our other great bars; "How?" you might ask...with a FREE Lip Balm! During the next several days, when you add this product to your cart, we are going to pick out three amazing bars that you probably have not branched out to try, AND we are gong to send you a FREE Lip Balm to ease the withdrawal pain until the potentially "new-found-love" kicks in! In the future, this will also be an opportunity to send some test bars out with scents that you all have been requesting for years! Scents such as: "Freshly Mowed Grass" and "New Home Smell" or one of our favorite request "Diap...", just kidding, we wouldn't do that one, or any of those other scents for that matter! Why? Because we only use Essential Oils in our soaps! Check out the "Deal of the Day" tab to get your surprise bars with a FREE Lip Balm today!

Family Time
Doodle is 1 today!

Happy Jewel!

Our production team is growing up...

The girls...

Glory Bug
Skylar is getting good...he loves in new camera. 

Sky's lemonade stand at the market...

Doodle is part of the parking team at the market!

Another one of Sky's creations...

Happy Birthday Liberty "Doodle" Justice!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Firecracker Sale -Day 5- Fandango Friday

Firecracker Sale - Day 5 -
Fandango Friday

I know, I know...this is getting really ridiculous, but have you ever tried to have a name for each day of the week that rhymed with "Mango"? I really liked "Mango Monday", so this is where we ended up. Anyhow, I heard a song once with the word "fandango" in it, you may have heard it; something about doing the fandango and lightning and stuff. Today's sale will definitely make you want to "do the fandango", and send bolts of lightning (firecracker style lightning...). During the summer, we spend way more time outside simply by default: the days are longer! With longer days, comes longer exposure to the sun, which we are big fan of. However, we should take precautions to preserve our baby skin, and it's never too late to get your baby skin back! ReNew Face Oil, and ReNew Day Moisturizer have been created, by us geniuses here at Harmony Acres for such a time as this! These products are so great,  they scored their very own video! That's cool. Check out the video, read about the products, order and be amazed! We get so many great reviews about these products, and the best part is; if you don't like them, we will buy them back and sell them to someone else! (actually, we won't sell them to someone else, that would be kinda gross...I think) The video below is simply for product info, check out our "Deals" tab for the current sale!

ReNew Face Oil

ReNew Face Oil contains an abundance of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that our bodies use to manufacture prostaglandins (hormone-like substances that regulate and balance cellular activity). It has been known to slow the aging process, restore elasticity and reverse damage from ultraviolet rays. 

ReNew Day Moisturizer 

New and improved! We are getting wonderful reviews. "Wow, this is the best face moisturizer I have ever used! Thanks!", "It smells and feels great!" Well, all I have to say is we are very pleased with it. Often referred to as a cream, it is so much more than that! We replaced the Emu oil with Rose hip seed oil and added Clary Sage Essential oil. The scent is very pleasing. We here at Harmony Acres have been using it daily, and our skin loves it! Yours will too! High in GLA, this is a must for everyone!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Firecracker Sale - Day 4

Firecracker Sale - Day 4
- Thango Thursday -

Thango is one of really neat words that can mean whatever you want it to. If you live near us you might hear it used like: "Get me one of those thangos over there..." or something like that. Speaking of "thangos", we have a really great one on sale, and here is what a valuable customer has to say about it: "I bought this product to help preserve my tattoos  I love this product since it's not greasy, and leaves my skin feeling soft. It has been excellent in preserving the color in my tattoos so they look as good as when I got them!". And another customer says: "This is great for a big belly, but also its fantastic for shoulder rubs after carrying a baby around all day!". Now, you may not be carrying around a tatoo'd baby with a big belly that needs a shoulder rub, but I guarantee you need this product! So what is the mystery product? Sweetgrass Body Butter, and Lavender Belly/Body Butter. These products are made with organic, unrefined shea butter that we add jojoba and essential oils to. It's epic to say the least. This product can be used in many ways, to include a good old-fashioned foot rub. Ahhhhh, a nice foot rub. 20% off, no codes necessary, just click on the "Deals" tab to enjoy your very own Sweetgrass or Lavender Body Butter today (well, the day you get it...)!

Sweetgrass Body Butter

Do you have rough elbows? How about calloused feet? (Is this an Infommercial?) We have been told that Sweetgrass Body Butter is the perfect solution! Of course we already knew that, but unbiased opinions go a lot further!  At first, the butter may seem too thick, but once it touched your skin, it melts right in! Jojoba Oil and true essential oils are added for an experience you will never forget! 

Lavender Belly/Body Butter

Pure, Unrefined Organic Shea Butter. Wow, this thick moisturizing butter is one of the most amazing products in our line. Lavender Belly Butter is specially formulated to help aid in the relief of scarring and other stretchies associated with pregnancy. (you know, the ones that come from little belly becoming big belly in a matter of seconds...well, maybe not seconds.) Use before, during and after pregnancy, or anytime that you feel like having soft skin. We have been told that this also aids in the events leading up to pregnancy... :)