Saturday, January 30, 2010

Working hard, and other stuff

Mom and Journ wrapping soaps
Hey, that's work too
They really want the muffins to be just right
Check-mate, sorry Keaton
Treasure finishing dishes with Jewel (are you proud Sarah?)
"aadaaa" (baby for about anything)

A few good kids.

Biggest brother with littlest sis
Quality control making sure the muffins are ok
Journey and Jewel with new duds, thanks Grandma D.

More Snow!

Well it is snowing again here in the Appalachian Mtns.! Being from Tejas and Cali., the snow still seems "neat". The kids are having a blast. So far we have about 6" and it's still coming! Our new dogs, Chino (Cheeno) and Marley (copycat) are not quite sure weather the should eat it or bark at it or ?. Oh yeah, good news here on the farm, we were able to round up the escape cow and take her to a overnite stay at the butcher. We saved her from another grueling week in the snowy/slushy/rainy mess of a pasture. The "round-up" process, thankfully, went very well. Actually my friend Rex, who is about 75, and has been around cows for many, many years did the honors. It is an amzing site to behold when about 100 cows are in a 50 acre pasture and you need one of them to come to you, go into a confined area with gates, then enter into a shoot no wider than themselves and load onto a trailer, all within an hour! Amazing..The  rest of the story has some funnies but it might have only been funny or exciting if you were there. Young bulls are very crazy when confined-first lesson, and no matter how small they look compared to the "big daddy" bull, (you know the one that is about 2000 lbs. and looks like he could eat you in one bite), they are extremely powerful as i found out when we were "weeding" out the ones we did not want to enter the shoot. The gate is only there for my mental protection, the bull did not care that there was a gate with a bright young man on the other side, so needless to say, I will weezingly finish the story. Well Rex was very experienced and was on top of the fence with his "cow paddle" batting the other bull in the head to get him to stop charging the fence. It worked! But that only meant that I had to quickly recover and get ready to let another crazy bull out. This time he missed the gate and went for me! I soon found out he was only teasing me, thankfully! It was all down hill from there, our cow loaded, spent the night in the trailer and is now comfortable awaiting her date with the amish butcher man. In case your wondering about any of the validity in these stories, personal friends can confirm that I do not have an imagination, oh and the bruises say a little to! Did I ever tell you about my one and only 1/4 mile dragging by a scared horse at dusk in a new environment with an english saddle stirrup that didn't "give"? Yeah, that happened, however I am here and the horse is not!
Marley-5 mo. old Golden Retriever

Cheeno-9 mo. old Austrailian Shepherd

New hot boxes ready for lettuce

Kids/dogs exerting energy before the big snow

Friday, January 22, 2010

Normal Day!

Well today absolutely nothing eventful happened. Weird. We did, however, take our first young steer to be butchered, so by next week we should have some yummy steaks. The other heifer that we got with him, well that's for another day. She decided after 2 days of being here that she didn't want to be here. ? . Oh well, when it drys up we will round her up some sort of way, hopefully easily! We do occassionally see her and several of the cows from the heard she fled to in the field across the street, and believe it or not, we found tracks from several cows in our back yard and garlic patch just this morning, as well as other incriminating evidence proving it was definately cows. Allthough it is possible that it was not her, its fun to think that maybe, just maybe she is now giving tours to her new friends and we are just one of the stops! Maybe I'll stay up tonight and watch for her, but then maybe not, because as my wise wife said in response to that comment, "Then what?" !! (I would like to have had a picture or video to post as some of the people I have relayed this story to have requested, but as i told them, "I was too busy running through the woods pushing away the briars, just trying to keep up with her to see where she was going!"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kid Wisdom

Treasure's Wisdom: (in response to the question from Fischer about why Skylar likes the biggest horse, but yet he is not the biggest kid) "That's because he is neck reigned.....or......because he is not neck reigned.....or something."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wilkes County! Home of NASCAR!

Well yesterday was yet another great Wilkes County experience. We became "Cattle-Sale-ians". For those of you who do not know what i am refering to, I will try to bring you up to date. First of all, the most commom saying at this flea-market type sale is ; "I gave $45 for that, but you can have it fer $2.!" Right. Anyhow, we were neglegent and let our dog get pregnant, anyhow she had 6 cute little puppies, which every farm should experience at least once, the kids loved the whole process! Cool stuff. Well the puppies were at least six weeks, and weaned so since it is apparently my "responsibility" to dutifully take care of this situation, the boys, a couple of their friends, and myself loaded up the truck on a beautiful 18 degree frosty morning with 6 cute,lovable adorable, you gotta have one puppies! When we arrived, it was croweded with 3 people, so we went ahead and tried to break ties without crying, and give the puppies away to a loving, caring home. The boys jumped in the back of the truck, pups in hand, and began yelling to the crowd as he passed by "freeee puppppiesss!!" "Your bestest inside dog ever!". That was fun, and definately worth a picture, but no camera in hand. Anyhow all was going well, for about 2 hours (no one took any yet) and for lack of a better description, "Rainman" showed up with a buddy. It was extremely interesting! He was very nice and proceeded to tell us about how he "reallywantedtogetonebutiliveinaapartmentandwecanthaveadogyouknowwhatimeanmanireallywantonebutohtheyaresocuteandiwantone
buticanthaveoneyouknowwhatimean" . Whew, what a mouthful! After about 15-20 minutes of that he decided we needed help. "FREEEEEEEE PUPPPPPPIIEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!" Louder than I have ever heard. Everyone in town heard! It was pretty good. I couldn't leave Cory out of this excitement, so i called her up. "Who is screaming that ?" she asked! "We have some help!" I said. It was a blast! Anyhow, we walked around after that, no one was interested, so we ate lunch. After we warmed up a little, we were waiting on a friend, so Keaton decided to try one more time. Well, 20 minuted later, all the puppies were gone! Amazing! We shed tears, and headed home! What a day!

"I miss the little black one!" -Sky

Monday, January 11, 2010

Psuedo-fresh corn in January!

Jewel is very happy to be eating some homegrown corn! She loves it! We were able to save a lot of our corn this year simply by cutting off the tassles and freezing them in the husk. No blanching or canning, simple! This is surely a treat for Jewel, she was a little to young to have it straight out of the garden!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I think Cedar is tired, maybe storytime should be in the morning! He is so innocent looking!

Friday, January 1, 2010

I think they like this!

They have gone home...

Casper misses Grace, she went back home today.
Our adventure with our friends animals has come to an end. It was a trying time due to the snow, but overall it was a good adventure.