Friday, June 28, 2013

Firecracker Sale -Day 5- Fandango Friday

Firecracker Sale - Day 5 -
Fandango Friday

I know, I know...this is getting really ridiculous, but have you ever tried to have a name for each day of the week that rhymed with "Mango"? I really liked "Mango Monday", so this is where we ended up. Anyhow, I heard a song once with the word "fandango" in it, you may have heard it; something about doing the fandango and lightning and stuff. Today's sale will definitely make you want to "do the fandango", and send bolts of lightning (firecracker style lightning...). During the summer, we spend way more time outside simply by default: the days are longer! With longer days, comes longer exposure to the sun, which we are big fan of. However, we should take precautions to preserve our baby skin, and it's never too late to get your baby skin back! ReNew Face Oil, and ReNew Day Moisturizer have been created, by us geniuses here at Harmony Acres for such a time as this! These products are so great,  they scored their very own video! That's cool. Check out the video, read about the products, order and be amazed! We get so many great reviews about these products, and the best part is; if you don't like them, we will buy them back and sell them to someone else! (actually, we won't sell them to someone else, that would be kinda gross...I think) The video below is simply for product info, check out our "Deals" tab for the current sale!

ReNew Face Oil

ReNew Face Oil contains an abundance of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that our bodies use to manufacture prostaglandins (hormone-like substances that regulate and balance cellular activity). It has been known to slow the aging process, restore elasticity and reverse damage from ultraviolet rays. 

ReNew Day Moisturizer 

New and improved! We are getting wonderful reviews. "Wow, this is the best face moisturizer I have ever used! Thanks!", "It smells and feels great!" Well, all I have to say is we are very pleased with it. Often referred to as a cream, it is so much more than that! We replaced the Emu oil with Rose hip seed oil and added Clary Sage Essential oil. The scent is very pleasing. We here at Harmony Acres have been using it daily, and our skin loves it! Yours will too! High in GLA, this is a must for everyone!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Firecracker Sale - Day 4

Firecracker Sale - Day 4
- Thango Thursday -

Thango is one of really neat words that can mean whatever you want it to. If you live near us you might hear it used like: "Get me one of those thangos over there..." or something like that. Speaking of "thangos", we have a really great one on sale, and here is what a valuable customer has to say about it: "I bought this product to help preserve my tattoos  I love this product since it's not greasy, and leaves my skin feeling soft. It has been excellent in preserving the color in my tattoos so they look as good as when I got them!". And another customer says: "This is great for a big belly, but also its fantastic for shoulder rubs after carrying a baby around all day!". Now, you may not be carrying around a tatoo'd baby with a big belly that needs a shoulder rub, but I guarantee you need this product! So what is the mystery product? Sweetgrass Body Butter, and Lavender Belly/Body Butter. These products are made with organic, unrefined shea butter that we add jojoba and essential oils to. It's epic to say the least. This product can be used in many ways, to include a good old-fashioned foot rub. Ahhhhh, a nice foot rub. 20% off, no codes necessary, just click on the "Deals" tab to enjoy your very own Sweetgrass or Lavender Body Butter today (well, the day you get it...)!

Sweetgrass Body Butter

Do you have rough elbows? How about calloused feet? (Is this an Infommercial?) We have been told that Sweetgrass Body Butter is the perfect solution! Of course we already knew that, but unbiased opinions go a lot further!  At first, the butter may seem too thick, but once it touched your skin, it melts right in! Jojoba Oil and true essential oils are added for an experience you will never forget! 

Lavender Belly/Body Butter

Pure, Unrefined Organic Shea Butter. Wow, this thick moisturizing butter is one of the most amazing products in our line. Lavender Belly Butter is specially formulated to help aid in the relief of scarring and other stretchies associated with pregnancy. (you know, the ones that come from little belly becoming big belly in a matter of seconds...well, maybe not seconds.) Use before, during and after pregnancy, or anytime that you feel like having soft skin. We have been told that this also aids in the events leading up to pregnancy... :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Firecracker Sale
- Day 3 -

Well I may not be able to make it easier to find 100% cotton shirts at your local discount retail store...but I can make it easier to find a 100% natural Herbal Balm that actually works! Have you ever had a cut? How about a rash? Bug bites (of course not, you use No More Bugzzz!)? How about burns? Well odds are; you have, and the odds are greater that it happened during the summer months (...strictly speculation) and even better odds are that you were wearing a polyester-blend t-shirt, because it's nearly impossible to find 100% cotton these days. Polyester tends to cling in the heat, which can be extremely irritating if you have a cut, scrape or burn that is need of a herbal balm, so we have both of our Herbal Balms on sale! This will not be a rule breaker, so to take advantage of this 20% savings, act now or burn. That didn't come out right, I mean; your burn will continue to hurt. Remember, the 4th of July is coming up, and those sparklers can be pretty dangerous, so plan ahead! No codes necessary, just go to our "Deals" tab

Herbal Big People Balm

Big People get big boo boo's, so we created an action packed herbal balm that helps just in the nick of time (before anyone finds out you got injured...)! Our Herbal Big People Balm is made from 100% natural herbs infused in 100% natural oils. These herbs include: organic comfrey, plantain, calendula, nettle & chamomile. We use local beeswax as a skin-loved carrier, as well as emu oil to give ailments a kick in the butt! Great for cuts, scrapes & rashes. Herbal B.P. Balm applied to any skin ailment has been known to cause relief and skin improvement. Apply to area of injury.

Herbal Baby Balm 

Our Baby Balm is made from 100% natural oils and herbs. Great for diaper rashes, as well as scrapes and stings!  This balm is baby safe, and can be used on big people as well. No need to cross your fingers, the herbs will do all of the work!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day Sale - Harmony Acres Update

I can "honestly" say (with some bias...) that as a father there is no better gift that I would prefer more than a Natural Deodorant from Harmony Acres. Well, maybe that is not completely true, BUT it very well may be for your dad! Look at it this way; dads get him some deodorant, and make sure it's natural so he doesn't get all clogged up. That would be bad, really bad. Deodorants that are commonly used usually have aluminum as the active ingredient for anti-perspiration. Bad news bears; who in the world thought, "Here is some aluminum, hmmm, what to do...I know...let's smear it under our arms and maybe it will do something!"? Not me, in fact our deodorant is simple: Beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter and essential oils. That's clog-you-up-and-kill-your-brain ingredients. Now you may still perspire, and that's okay and it's much better than keeping all those toxins stored up in your body! Love your Dad; get him some All Natural Beeswax Deodorant so he can stop stinking bad and start smelling good! All Natural Beeswax Deodorant are on sale until Sunday night, and so is all the soap! Enter code "fat17" during checkout for 25% off these products!

Now, for an update:  The 2013 Market season is well under way, so come out and visit us at the Watuaga County Farmers Market if you get a chance! It's hard to believe it's already June! Our garden is growing and providing us with some yummy veggies (all for us this year, sorry!).  Lettuce, kale, spring onions all go together for an amazing salad, and since you can purchase some of these items at the "Kids Corner" located at the Watuaga Market, admittedly the above "all for us" nanny-nanny-boo-boo statement was uncalled for, sorry. It brings tears to my daddy eyes as I see them (not me...) sweating with each pull of an onion! They are getting older and catching up to me! Our girls have been learning paper crafting from a dear family friend, and they too can be found selling their handcrafted items at the market on (every other...) Saturday mornings! As far as our Soap Business, well we are growing more and more each day! Be on the look out for our new labels, cool-smelly colors!