Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Appalachian Spring Sale!!!

First Day of Appalachian Spring Sale!

...get smelly this spring!

Spring of 2013 has finally arrived! This is definitely my most favorite time of the year! We have the cool nights with the warm days, which in turn temps you to go outside more, which in turn makes you stinky, which is why we have strategically placed 2 specific items on sale (not to mention they have the word "Spring" in the their name...). If you haven't had a chance to try our new Appalachian Spring Bar Soap, or our Appalachian Spring Natural Deodorant, this is the the time! For the whole first day of spring, and some of today, these most awesome-st products will be on sale for over 25% off! Wow, combine that with the March Happiness sale, and well, I might want to double check that, I may be giving stuff away...so hurry before I get a chance to get a chance to check this out further!  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

2 for $10!!!

Ok, since we lose a whole hour this weekend (...tonight at 2 a.m.) we have decided to put our best "morning" bar on sale. We are calling this our: 2/$10 Sale!  This way when Monday rolls around, and you realize "Oh my, now I have to rush because I forgot that the time changed, and I have to take a dull shower, and..." you will be prepared and be able to say "Oh, but wait...I have 2 Lemongrass Summer Bar Soaps!!! Now I am happy!". Lemongrass is the most uplifting essential oil that we use, and there is just the perfect amount in this bar. And now for one whole day (an hour shorter of a day might I remind you...) you can get 2 of these amazing bars for $10! I think that is really cool, and if I were you, I would definitely jump on this opportunity. Remember, Monday will be here faster this week than last week,  so "Make It a Double", but wait until tomorrow to do it! (...it won't be a long wait!)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Happiness!

So we were thinking about the "March Madness" thing that companies do this time of the year (hence the name...) and we concluded that we did not like the name. So we have made an executive decision and officially changed it to "March Happiness!" Doesn't that sound much better! So, after we changed it, we realized that there needed to be a deal of a deal in order to convey the "March Happiness!" message to all of our great Harmony Acres soapies.  Here is what we came up with: During the month of March (we decided to use March because it fit the best with the name...clever.) we are going to give stuff away! Doesn't that make you happy just thinking about it? And just wait, if you think you are happy now, wait until that "free" thing gets smelled, and of course, used! So when turn on your computer, and go to your homepage (...which should be: www.getsmelly.com), just go to your favorite items and place them in your basket. If you spend at least $29, you, the soap connoisseur (I googled it...), get an amazing-idea-of-a-product called "Smelly Samplers" which consist of 5, ready to use, soap bar samples.  Because we are the soap experts, we have left the choosing of the samples up to us (you are welcome!) But wait, there's more (ever heard that before?), if you spend $39, you now qualify for free shipping; (which is simply amazing in itself, but since even amazing things get lonely sometimes, we added more amazing things...)so not only do you get a free "Smelly Samplers"  (which...nevermind) but you will also get it shipped to your front door for free! Enter code: "freegift" during your checkout process to take advantage of this awesome deal!