Friday, July 26, 2013

Soap-Makers Choice Sale

- FREE Lip Balm! -

Have you ever heard of a "blue moon"? Well, there must be one out because deals like this only happen during that very special event! Most of you "smellies" out there already have your favorite soaps picked out, and your not up for changing since you have found your "perfect" bar! Well, we are going to bribe you into trying some of our other great bars; "How?" you might ask...with a FREE Lip Balm! During the next several days, when you add this product to your cart, we are going to pick out three amazing bars that you probably have not branched out to try, AND we are gong to send you a FREE Lip Balm to ease the withdrawal pain until the potentially "new-found-love" kicks in! In the future, this will also be an opportunity to send some test bars out with scents that you all have been requesting for years! Scents such as: "Freshly Mowed Grass" and "New Home Smell" or one of our favorite request "Diap...", just kidding, we wouldn't do that one, or any of those other scents for that matter! Why? Because we only use Essential Oils in our soaps! Check out the "Deal of the Day" tab to get your surprise bars with a FREE Lip Balm today!

Family Time
Doodle is 1 today!

Happy Jewel!

Our production team is growing up...

The girls...

Glory Bug
Skylar is getting good...he loves in new camera. 

Sky's lemonade stand at the market...

Doodle is part of the parking team at the market!

Another one of Sky's creations...

Happy Birthday Liberty "Doodle" Justice!

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